memories & foundations

The times I’d visit and stay with her were some of the best pieces of my childhood. My cousin and I would turn the area into our own little world, amid innocent joy and trouble lurking on certain corners. We never looked too deep into it that way, it was always more in the spirit of figuring out how to have fun after helping grandma do stuff.

The stuff grandma would have us do is also part of why I hold this place and time so dear. I don’t know how intentional it was, but she’d constantly have her grandkids making things: we were cooking something, telling a story, learning how to write and sing a song. And it’s the memory of these experiences that fuel me for this path of pursuing music for livelihood. Whenever I get discouraged, the nostalgic trips here remind me that my foundation is strong in making the best of what you have.

So before we go any further, I wanna pay homage to my foundations. Putting it in song is the best way I know how, like in my upcoming single, “Dipset in Tha Basement”.

It releases on Friday, December 27th. Click here to presave it on Spotify.

Update: the single is out now! Check it out on the music page.

I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. There’s something real warm about memories, even some of the bad ones. They even serve as fuel for where you’re going.

Riding off that fuel is a part of this adventure in being an artist. You tap into memories to inspire creation. You hold onto some, because you still need to learn from ‘em. And some memories are the very markers of who you are, who you always been and who you’re bound to become.

The photo above is where my grandma used to live, where I hold a lot of memories, and am always nostalgic about. This is in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Rutland Road. Wild 90z as some call it.

december 20, 2019