by Ishmael Islam




These are a lot of syllables to put in front of the word 'creative', so Visioncraft is what I call my integrated practice instead. Below is a portfolio of work I've made for brands and businesses, small and large.


Agency: Obsidianworks
Role: Associate Creative Director
Skills: concept development, copywriting, scripting,media planning

This anthem film and social campaign celebrates the release of Timberland’s Hip Hop Royalty Boot, and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the brand’s iconic Yellow Boot and the birth of Hip Hop.

I developed scripts and campaign messaging for the anthem video in collaboration with the visual development from my art director partner, Eva Delacruz. We set the stage for our recommended talent, Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke to nod to the connected legacy of Timberland and Hip Hop while representing as a voice of their present and future impact on the culture.

This campaign fulfilled the sales projections of the special edition boot and served as a kickoff for Timberland’s full year of programming in 2023 for the 50th anniversary of the Original Yellow Boot™.

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Agency: Translation
Roles: Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Social Copywriter
Skills: copywriting, social publishing, digital asset management, social media management, community management

I served as social media manager, copywriter, and community manager for the global set of Beats by Dre social channels. Alongside the agency’s small but mighty social team, I ran the gamut of everything from content publishing to audience engagement across a two-year period of countless social campaigns brand collabs, and cultural moments.

The timespan of this role includes working on two of the brand’s biggest product releases in Beats Studio Buds and Beats Fit Pro. Their primary launch campaigns combined for nearly 50 million impressions and over 5 million engagements on social media.

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air jordan viii apparel - baptist's beauty supply
Roles: Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Content Strategist
Skills: copywriting, social publishing, digital asset management, social media management, community management, content strategy

STASHED, an apparel and footwear boutique located in San Francisco established a firm e-commerce presence due to shifts from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It needed its social media touch points to keep up.

I came into STASHED with a natural understanding of its core ethos; provide an elevated and diverse selection of products while treating each item with tasteful storytelling as if they were works of art.

To complement the social team’s visual creative, I worked to shape the persona, tone of voice, and copy as a savvy style curator who is knowledgeable of many brands and equally confident in their ability to make the customer feel like a companion.

Over the course of a year, the efforts of our social team doubled the performance in reach, engagement, and page visits for the store. The growth boosted sales, opened doors for new partnerships, and expanded the range of brands with product inventory in-store and online.

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Agency: ObsidianworksProduction: Softspot
Roles: Associate Creative Director
Skills: Creative development, copywriting, scripting, post-production supervision

TimbsTok is a social-first variety show that myself and art director, Eva Delacruz created for Timberland’s 2023 programming. Shot on-location at the TImberland headquarters, we tapped social media influencer Cleotrapa to host the show with her it-girl flare and throughly New York humor.

Over six episodes with accompanying vignettes, we got to dive deeper into the values of craftsmanship and creativity that Timberland has thrived on for decades in the context of a cutting-edge platform like TikTok. Watch the series here.

The series hit over 21 million views and grew Timberland’s TikTok channel by 29.2% percent, refreshing the brand’s relevancy with a Gen-Z audience.

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Motion graphics for various creator brands.

the conversation logo on a black background
the flyer for the tuscola, alabama conversation
an illustration of a magnolia flower with an infinity symbol
a flyer for the new orleans, louisiana conference

Visual identity for The Conversation,

a literary conference and writing fellowship.

Single artwork for various artists.

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